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Work harder on yourself than you do on your job – Jim Rohn

As the metro continues to heat up day by day, many of us are tempted to take a dip, but the question for most of us is our body ready for it after overindulging during the holidays?

To me, summer is the best time to start a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because it gives me that positive energy to start something that really matters and that is living a healthier and happier life. And here are my four easy ways to look and feel better especially this sunny season.


take the stairs

Not only is this a form of exercise but also a free workout, you don’t need to pay anything for it. Did you know that taking the stairs burns almost seven times the amount of energy than taking a lift. Not  only that, it also works and tones your legs. If you are in for getting your legs perfectly primed for summer this one is for you.


hydrate hydrate hydrate

When something is said three times, means it is important. Our body is composed of about 75% water. Thus, our body depends on water to survive. Every organ in our body needs water to work properly and so our cells and tissues. Water is essential for good health.

There are different ways to stay hydrated like fruits and vegetable juices but nothing beats plain water in this sunny weather. My personal favorite is squeezing in calamansi or lemon into my water for an extra flavor.

How much water is really enough to keep us hydrated? Well, different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. If you are not sure that you are not drinking enough water, check your urine :) Colorless means hydrated while dark yellow might be a sign of dehydration.


eat healthy

Summer is also a great time of the year to make the switch to a healthier eating habits. Fresh fruits and veggies are abundant during summer. Not only are they delicious, they are healthy as well.

Go nuts for nuts. Besides being packed with protein, nuts also offer various health benefits. Studies have shown that people who regularly snack on peanuts live longer than those who don’t.


wear sunscreen

Skin is the largest organ in our body and it protects us against infection and exposure to harmful things in the environment like sun’s UV rays. So we really have to start (if you haven’t yet) wearing sunscreen to protect our skin. It does not only shield our skin from harmful UV rays, it also prevents premature aging of skin. This is definitely the time to amp up your sunscreen use.


Everything is attainable if you commit to living a healthier lifestyle and enjoy change like never before.

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